August 13, 2008

{are you ready for fall}

Fall is just around the corner and at times I get excited, but honestly not so much. I am just tired of those swampy sweaty days, but then when the temperatures drop I am wishing it was hot again – libra in me. Well the truth is Fall is coming. What gets me really amped about the weather change is the FW08 from Rodarte. Um (cough cough) it is DELIOUS (well I say DEE-LEE-CEE-OH-SO)!!! I have been eyeing a few pieces hoping to grab a few… Ok, more than a few. I know you fashion groupies know what I am talking about. OH, let’s not forget the teetering Christian Louboutin’s they used as well. The gothic rock heel has me salivating. However, I am not stable enough to walk in 5” heels. Oh, and when I say stable, I am mean mentally.

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a home far away said...

That is some cool outfits, to cool for me, Í´m afraid, hihi! But wow they are different.

I am a swede living in Singapore, where we don´t have seasons...

Have a great day!