August 12, 2008

{going all the way}

It's my first time. I am feeling excited, confused, exposed, but ready to explore. Get your minds outta the gutter! I am talking about the world of blogging!!! It's my first time BLOGGING! I am feeling like how my 85 year old landlord must have felt when she first got cable television. There are too many tabs and things to do with the setting up, the display, etc. However, I am ready to explore the endless ideas of what to blog about, just as Josephine was excited about the possibility of finding a cable show with Dean Martin in it. Anyhow, I cant wait to share my interests with you all. LOL, as I write this I am wondering “who the hell will read this”???

1 comment:

Jerry said...

Lots of people will read it if you have something interesting to say.